Tradition of brand since 1922 Modern production and high quality brand currently of

Welcome to the world of tradition and quality of Slavia bearings!

High-quality products of SLAVIA brand combines traditional engineering quality with European provenience which is a guarantee of long lasting durability and reliability of machines that use these bearings.

We offer products in broad range of types. In our assortment you can find besides bearings also quality V-belts and radial shaft seals for various applications.


Our distribution carries out and delivers your orders exactly according to your demands. We can also provide technical consultation if necessary.


Engineering products of SLAVIA brand have been known since 1922 for their reliability and quality. Precise processing and innovation are the basis.


SLAVIA brand offers

1. Long time tradition

Engineering products of SLAVIA brand have been known since 1922 for their reliability and quality. The basis attribute of these products is their precise processing and constant innovation of the technical aspects.

2. High quality

Production of SLAVIA bearings is characterized by:

  • precise check-in with focus on metallographic parameters of bearing steel
  • strict following of technological processes during all operations
  • current check of quality of used preservatives
  • rigorous check-out of dimensional accuracy
  • strictly unit packaging
Such organised production results in bearings with high dynamic capacity that is a basis for long-lasting and failure-free working life.

3. Broad assortment

Besides the standard range of rolling bearings in metric measures the SLAVIA brand covers also innovative series of bearings in metric as well as in English measures. Our assortment coverage is very broad and it has been constantly extended. Through our website we are going to inform you regularly about our new products.

The enclosed catalogue presents a standard range of bearings produced in compliance with DIN and ISO standards. The data stated in the catalogue has been verified by long-term testing and confirmed by authorised testing laboratories.

4. Quality supply service

Our distribution storehouse enables us to flexibly complete assortment so we can guarantee dispatch of your order up to 48 hours after receiving it.



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